Thursday, July 29, 2010


We two love monster high i download the videos and watch them      and we actually want to getPermit to use their celebrities we still put them in our design but none of us didn't  put it on internet
so gotta tell them  And if not We get arrested so we got to connect them !

About us again

Hello again i remember i say we must talk about who read this but i must talk about my self again just me not her me not her because i am so cool [laugh] so i loved some thing BEFORE MY PARTNER and my partner when she saw i loved it loved it too[true] but i am not mad and i don't want to talk about her no i am  talking about my self so it's a copy of my biography I am Negar and I am little crazy and it‘s never bad to be crazy I am hot and beautiful I love to painting and screaming and skateboarding and watch some movie like sonny with the chance or camp rock and Simpson's and Hannah Montana the  movie and my favorite twilight and much more I really like Sims 3 it's so cool and i love love love Twilight and hate hate who mocking  I like the kidtonik band they are so cool and their music Left and Right  and I like star doll too I like Avril lavigne and her songs I like  Tim Burton's art they are so cool I hate my sister when she murmuring  I like too be free and get free things my favorite food is french fries I only like the foods makes with oil but I like other food too I always  thinking I think one night I didn't sleep and I just think I like fight  and contest and I am tired of writing but remember these four little words "I am so cool" 

We loved who?

"We are so cool "  when we are call each other say this but i think this time is time for YOU! yes you and i think this is cool and when we are just talk about our self it's boring for you i think nobody like this but first you must know us so then if you follow us we can met with you and you can give us your ideas and let us to make something you said and you like so how? you can comment here and email us you can see our email in our profile so we are waiting [Sound of crickets in the background]

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

EvilGirlz History-Part 3

so...we though to...make let that happen...and we think about it all the time..Days and Nights...and we choose and artist to we both love his movies(and...animations.):Tim Burton!
and we downloads many pictures of his animations,and use them...
and we made the"sing up"page and make the style page..and we made many funny/serious plans and...
we find a Experts senior graphic and she is gonna help us and she saw our papers and...??

EvilGirlz History_Part 2

so after that we sing a song with an other language but here i wrote it in English :
One night we went  to the sea
With all the buddies A bunch of people without jobWe ride ship scrapWater was coming inside the ship
All hot red clothingWe didn't have a good day  
xoxo evil girlz 

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

EvilGirlz History_Part 1

oh...there was an online game...and maybe a cool site....but ..for more fun.... i mean to HAVE FUN(!!!)on that site we should be pay and become superstar and the payment was not valid we're we live in!!!!
so we thought to make our own online game and very very very very better than..that site!first...
we were so so tired..we wanted to  sleep.
so,we thought to make the world better....
and we made many branches...and ask people to join us...
and that night we wrote and drew many papers....i mean on the papers...
and we sing  a song__
song=Part 2

Monday, July 26, 2010

Who are Evilgirlz?

We are ! we're Evil girlz it's the best group ever you will see it will be a site and not a normal site a site with COOL ONLINE GAME wow! and2 young girl made it so me and my friend so what is this game? this is a cool game you can make your self like whatever you want and sing in and decorate your room and play find friends shop earn money take a job and much more so will you join us? we will be happy
xoxo Evil girlz